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[audio]Ye Long Farewell - Asaguare
Parody of incredibly long musical endings. Here we have the final two-chords-part of a virtual Russian postmodern opera stage performance about saying goodbye to a beloved one.
Keywords: experimental; noise; drone; avantgarde; humour; voice; choir; soundscape
Downloads: 65
[audio]Onze Aperitifs - Asaguare
Laidback tootling and a fairly drunken singer.
Keywords: ambient; lounge; humour; vocals; chill
Downloads: 43
[audio]Sharkhi Maniac - Asaguare
Impish little club tune, dedicated to my buddy Nosrat Charkhi (aka Noston).
Keywords: dancefloor; disco; retro; electronica; minimal; vocals; vocoder
Downloads: 65
[audio]Reise Ins Nichts VI - Asaguare
Part 6 in the 'Reise Ins Nichts' (Trip Into Nothing) series, a compilation of ambient soundscapes.
Keywords: instrumental; minimal; ambient; drone; pad; chill; soundscape
Downloads: 46
[audio]All I Want - Asaguare
Nice and simple ambient ballad with guitars and flute, featuring Kaer Trouz (lyrics and vocals).
Keywords: alternative; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; ballad; ambient; english
Downloads: 28
[audio]Kheantarel - Asaguare
Strange little Synthpop tune with bushwa lyrics. Lead vocals: Little Mystic Backing choir: Queenie Sataro
Keywords: electronica; pop; synth; glitch; choir; vocals; song
Downloads: 52
[audio]Jabberlodge - Asaguare
Instrumental version of a song I wrote in 1978. Never liked its lyrics anyway, and since I wasn't in the mood for creating new rhymes this tune must tell the tale without words now.
Keywords: alternative; instrumental; synth; piano
Downloads: 38
[audio]Don't Leave My Mind - Asaguare
Softly flowing Pop Ballad. Vocals, lyrics: Azure Ray
Keywords: ambient; pop; minimal; ballad; vocals; lyrics; song; english; chill
Downloads: 55
[audio]Xenotomi - Asaguare
Experimental Blues - Swinging soundscape from outer space. Guitar: Tommy Cole aka talltechson For a long time I wanted to embed his singing guitar in a different, rather strange sonic environment. Metal, Goth or Punk ambience was out of the question, of course. And Pop, Rock or Jazz? Nope, too normal. Since I believe that our Tommy is an alien visitor (likely from the Beteigeuze system, dunno), I thought: hmm, why not a bit of Sci-Fi? So this is the result of a nice collab.....
Keywords: experimental; blues; swing; guitar; synth; scifi; soundscape
Downloads: 29
[audio]ID Theft - Asaguare
Ambient scape framing Beng's pella (Identity Theft). Vocals, lyrics: Beng Calma-Alcazaren (from dripmanila)
Keywords: minimal; alternative; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; english; pad; chill
Downloads: 46
[audio]Phreex Inth Darque - Asaguare
Meditative vocal mashup As the title (='freaks in the dark') indicates, kind of a disturbing yet melodic vocal soundstream, inspired by a strange dream I once had. Although the basic 66 BPM tempo is rather low, it was a funny challenge to record the Udu percussion track which consists of triplet style meters and goes up to 1/48 notes. Not the easiest task to keep the pace at a manual beat frequency of 13.2 Hz; at least this has been an unusual exercise for me.
Keywords: experimental; ethno; udu; vocals; dark; soundscape; chill
Downloads: 64
[audio]Summer Days - Asaguare
Cute little Bossa, wrote it at the edge of lazy summer 1998.
Keywords: bossa; samba; latin; guitar; jazz; vocals; lyrics; english; song
Downloads: 31
[audio]Julian - Asaguare
Adaption of 'Julia', a touching ballad, composed and originally sung by ole splicer mate Brittany Sheehan aka Lotusfae. I loved her tune from the first time I heard it (on her myspace page); and I also was pretty sure to create a cover of this pearl one fine day, making it a male (Julian) version - although I wasn't sure which style to use. Well, in the end it's still a ballad with minimal instrumentation; just added some backing choir.
Keywords: ballad; vocals; lyrics; song; english; sad; lotusfae
Downloads: 33
[audio]Blanket - Asaguare
Cute groovy Electropop tune.
Keywords: electronica; pop; synth; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 36
[audio]Fortune - Asaguare
Indie Rock (vocals/lyrics: Kristin Hersh) Although Kristin's original vocal stem was pretty good, I pitched it down (3 semitones) to get that strange undefinable voice flavour.
Keywords: rock; pop; guitar; vocals; lyrics; english; song; ballad
Downloads: 51
[audio]Arianic - Asaguare
Simple Trance/Techno mashup - dedicated to Ariane, a former roommate. Recently found an old recording of one of her calls to my answering machine. Thought it would be a funny idea to embed it in this tune (somewhere in the middle). It's a couple of German sentences about a weekend meeting to play chess or go for a walk, nothing special.
Keywords: electronica; techno; trance; dancefloor; vocals; spoken; german
Downloads: 53
[audio]Inside Outside - Asaguare
Long version of a nice and relaxed trancey Tech-House tune. Usually preferring short pieces around 3 or 4 minutes, I made an exception in this case. The vocals are so charming ethereal, the stomping beat keeps a catching groove and the lovery synth patterns float playfully above the scene. This whole song is just chilling from the start, I hope you understand that I had to concede 7 minutes to it. Vocals, lyrics: snowflake
Keywords: dancefloor; trance; house; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; english; chill
Downloads: 25
[audio]Down To The River Man - Asaguare
Sort of Electro-Blues, featuring Susannah Kelly (vocals, lyrics). And yes, her voice is gender-bent - in favour of a warmer spectrum colouring.
Keywords: pop; electronica; blues; dancefloor; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 54
[audio]Xtreme Demand - Asaguare
Ironical RockPop song about industry lobby. Never was too much interested in politics, but a few years ago I somehow came up with the idea to write these lyrics. Well, last week I decided to make it a complete song, so here it is. The original plan was to create an ElectroPop tune, sorta Kraftwerk style, using distorted vocals for a cool industrial touch. But then it got its own will and turned into a more rocking direction...
Keywords: rock; pop; vocals; lyrics; english; song; energy; industry
Downloads: 25
[audio]Clean Sheet - Asaguare
Ambient Dancefloor ballad. Vocals, lyrics: Ciggi Burns
Keywords: ambient; pop; dancefloor; vocals; lyrics; song; ballad; english
Downloads: 39
[audio]Lay For Laura - Asaguare
Voice collage. Vocals, lyrics: debbizo
Keywords: ambient; alternative; ballad; vocals; lyrics; song; english; chill
Downloads: 162
[audio]Rattlin Oud - Asaguare
Nice Trance club tune with Arabian flair. Vocals, lyrics: Brittany Hill, Alicia Grodecki
Keywords: electronica; dancefloor; trance; ethno; oud; arabia; arabian; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 80
[audio]Phukkin Star - Asaguare
Groovy progressive Pop with some rocking guitars. Female vocals: Emma
Keywords: alternative; progressive; pop; rock; groove; rap; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 67
[audio]Still Stuck - Asaguare
Unfussy 80's style pop song with dark ambience. Vocals, lyrics: Kara (aka MindMapThat)
Keywords: alternative; pop; minimal; dark; noise; drone; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 51
[audio]I'm Fine - Asaguare
Downtempo Ambient Alternative (vocals/lyrics: narva9) Another minimal tune (less is more), quite simple, sort of laid-back and a wee bit of sadness.
Keywords: vocals; lyrics; english; song; downtempo; ambient; alternative; minimal; ballad; chill
Downloads: 47
[audio]Arrival - Asaguare
Instrumental essay.
Keywords: alternative; instrumental; soundscape
Downloads: 32
[audio]Home - Asaguare
Groovy shuffled ballad. Sung an odd voc intermezzo. Vocals, lyrics: Songbird Add. vocals: Richard Bethell (aka admiralbob77)
Keywords: alternative; pop; groove; shuffle; ballad; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 19
[audio]Funky In Love - Asaguare
Groovy tune, inspired by Necromanos. Instrumental pad: Necromanos Vocals, lyrics, trumpet: Shannonsongs
Keywords: pop; funky; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 54
[audio]Reise Ins Nichts VII - Asaguare
Part 7 in the 'Reise Ins Nichts' (Trip Into Nothing) series, a compilation of ambient soundscapes.
Keywords: instrumental; minimal; ambient; drone; pad; chill; soundscape
Downloads: 58
[audio]Orange Sado - Asaguare
Ambient Industrial (Vocals/lyrics: Fenix) Discovered a Fenix poem named 'doormat' on my drive the other day. Having already started with a dark Electronica tune before, I thus arranged her poem (via vocoder) and integrated it into the draft, which led to a strange Industrial Pop fusion. The title came from my Electronica WIP, previously designed as a pure instrumental tune. I just didn't change the project's working title after having added Fenix.
Keywords: industrial; ambient; vocals; lyrics; english; vocoder; poem; poetry
Downloads: 45
[audio]Ginipiggu - Asaguare
Experimental This one has a weird atmosphere which is thoroughly intended. Imagine you were locked up in a padded cell, alone with your dark thoughts and fears. Vocals (extract) are by Alvin Lucier who performed several sound art installations, also in collaboration with John Cage.
Keywords: experimental; room; cell; percussion; vocals; spoken; english
Downloads: 41
[audio]Epiphany - Asaguare
About my considered lost daughter, rooted out by investigation artist Mr. C (aka talltechson) to the surprise of all.
Keywords: vocals; lyrics; song; english; ironic; pop
Downloads: 27
[audio]Reise Ins Nichts XVI - Asaguare
Part 16 in the 'Reise Ins Nichts' (Trip Into Nothing) series, a compilation of ambient soundscapes.
Keywords: instrumental; ambient; minimal; piano; synth; pad; chill; soundscape
Downloads: 52
[audio]Lies - Asaguare
Alternative Pop Vocals: Amelia June Lyrics: Laurence Trifon
Keywords: alternative; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 25
[audio]Enfin M'En Fous - Asaguare
Minimal meditative scape with industrial touch. Sung lament of a teenager who feels cramped by social conventions and thus decides to ignore them. The (French) title means 'finally I don't care'.
Keywords: ambient; alternative; industrial; minimal; vocals; soundscape
Downloads: 33
[audio]Reverie - Asaguare
Schumann's Reverie as postmodern version in a dadaistic, freejazzy and surreal environment. In contrast to many other projects where I used human vocals, this one features seal voices. Not the typical type of vocal track, but these singing and groaning beasts are just too compelling, don't you think?
Keywords: instrumental; experimental; avantgarde; dada; jazz; classic; schumann; piano; soundscape
Downloads: 33
[audio]Dyphtomae - Asaguare
Part 3 in the 'Cranial Acres' series, a compilation of psychedelic and experimental sound installations.
Keywords: instrumental; minimal; ambient; experimental; psychedelic; synth; noise; chill
Downloads: 49
[audio]Hemeniom - Asaguare
Meditative chillout guitars. About a year ago I was strumming some random chords and intervals on my guitar - pretty much absorbed in thought - when suddenly a short sequence attracted my interest... three consecutive 5ths: B/F#, G/D and D/A, played slowly and descending. In my imagination I completed the 3rds and virtually heard B-minor, G-major and D-major, which gave a nice progression for iteration...
Keywords: instrumental; ambient; minimal; guitar; chill
Downloads: 52
[audio]Subway Meditation - Asaguare
Alternative Pop. Vocals, lyrics: Surveillance Party
Keywords: alternative; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 66
[audio]Mississippi Kite - Asaguare
Once again I've been inspired by a Kristin Hersh pella. Her poetry, in combination with her outstanding voice, is just perfect material for song creation. Actually a remixer can't go wrong when using such expressive vocals, so it was pure fun for me to wrap around some instrumental tracks. Vocals, lyrics: Kristin Hersh
Keywords: pop; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 63
[audio]Light Of The Midnight Lamp - Asaguare
Drippy baby slumber lay. Time was ripe to write a lullaby. Sure, I don't have to sing my grown virtual daughter to sleep, but I've got the dim feeling that she'll come up with an unexpected virtual grandchild one fine day... You may wonder why the singers sound like androids. It's because I tweaked my vocals by up/down-pitching to create female soprano and lower male baritone voices, resulting in alot of artifacts...
Keywords: ambient; lullaby; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 79
[audio]Potboil Alfa Cue - Asaguare
Glitchy song about waiting for brighter days.
Keywords: alternative; pop; electronica; vocals; lyrics; song; english; glitch; synth
Downloads: 73
[audio]Reise Ins Nichts XIV - Asaguare
Contemplative minimal essay. Part 14 in the 'Reise Ins Nichts' (Trip Into Nothing) series, a compilation of ambient soundscapes. Piano theme: Christian Martirano
Keywords: instrumental; ambient; minimal; piano; choir; pad; chill
Downloads: 52
[audio]Minor Outpost - Asaguare
Impressions from a far away space station.
Keywords: instrumental; ambient; electronica; synth; pad; soundscape; scifi; chill
Downloads: 58
[audio]Hey Friend - Asaguare
Alternative Pop, dark ambient 70's style. Decades ago, when I used to spend my weekends with friends, just hanging around and listening music, I always wondered: where do they get their tapes, cassettes and platters from? Some numbers, of course, were well-known, say by Pink Floyd, Zappa or Doors; but most of the other stuff was completely unknown to me, wonderful psychedelic ProgRock-ish tunes of bands that I had never heard of...
Keywords: alternative; progressive; dark; pop; retro; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 40
[audio]Kerfuffle - Asaguare
A guy talks to his annoying companion. Actually an all day situation... some people hanging around, drinking, joking, playing cards, just relaxing and having fun after a working day. There's always one guy who starts getting serious, spreading his philosophy that nobody wants to listen to. The only thing you can do is give him a beer and make him shut up.
Keywords: vocals; lyrics; english; rock; song; guitar; groove
Downloads: 47
[audio]Epithalam - Asaguare
Massive organ cluster. Part 5 in the 'Cranial Acres' series, a compilation of psychedelic and experimental sound installations.
Keywords: instrumental; experimental; psychedelic; atonal; organ; cluster; pad
Downloads: 56
[audio]You Are - Asaguare
Simple downtempo Pop tune. Add. female vocals: calendargirl Add. instrumental tracks: Yann van der Cruyssen (aka Morusque)
Keywords: alternative; pop; downtempo; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 28
[audio]Harddrive Failure - Asaguare
Just an exercise in creating music from non-musical sources. In this case I used a bunch of clips from various harddisk failures, mainly stuttering motors and stepping head noises. For the intro part I mixed them in their original states. In the second (lyrical) part I had to pitch them to obtain decent material for constructing melodies and chords. Of course it would have been too much work to process and insert each single note manually by editing the waveforms...
Keywords: experimental; harddrive; noise; glitch; vocals; lyrics; english; ironic
Downloads: 57
[audio]Anny - Asaguare
Noisy minimal Drum'n'Bass mashup. Main vocals: Anny2k Add. vocals: Lisa Rein
Keywords: alternative; rock; minimal; upbeat; progressive; noise; synth; pad; vocals; song
Downloads: 67
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